Lord of the Rings, Rescore

Recorded live with an orchestra of 65 musicians.

I chose this scene and wrote this cue for our final recording project at the Eastwood Scoring Stage on the Warner Bros. lot. Some of the finest session musicians in Hollywood played on that day, and I also got to work with Bruce Broughton and Laura Karpman as I was composing and fine-tuning this cue.

The Gift, Rescore

Recorded live with strings, brass, piano, and harp.

Composed for the final scene in the film, The Gift. A woman with mystical powers helps solve a murder mystery in her town, and at the end of the film must come to terms with the past death of her husband for the sake of her children.

Schindler's List, Rescore

Recorded live with an ensemble of 12 musicians.

I composed new music for this scene from Schindler's List and recorded it with live musicians as part of a class project where the only parameter was the instrumentation I was restricted to.

Atlantis, Rescore

Mockup with samples.

I was given a scene from Atlantis to rescore as a class assignment, then had to conform my score to this second cut of the scene.

Bioshock - Welcome to Rapture, Rescore

Recorded live with an ensemble of 12 musicians, then mixed with samples.

I wrote new music to this section of Bioshock as a class assignment with Garry Schyman, the original composer for this video game. I chose to use the cue on a recording session, and the final mix was done by Dan Blessinger.

Bye Buddy: The Theme from Elf Arranged for Big Band

Recorded live with Bob Mintzer's band at Capitol Records, and engineered by Al Schmitt.

A reimagining of the Elf theme as a big band ballad, featuring solos from several of the members in the group.

Gods and Monsters

Mockup with samples.

A concept piece for a Greek hero video game. This cue specifically is meant to loop over the main title screen, although this file has not been looped.

Up, Rescore

Recorded live with an ensemble of 36 musicians.

I composed new music to this scene from Up for a class assignment with the renowned composer Bruce Broughton, then recorded it with a chamber orchestra.

Celtic Inspired Main Title

Mockup with samples.

Written as the main title piece for a film with Celtic influences, the primary theme could easily work in a number of scenes.

Simple Main Title

Mockup with samples.

A minimalistic main title written for a sad and sweet short film.

Simple Drone

Retro synth sounds.

A simple, fast drone written to play around with retro sounding synths and to work under narration.

Hybrid Atmosphere

Synths, sounds, and samples combined.

A short atmospheric piece to experiment with combining distinct synth sounds, processed found sounds, and orchestral samples.

Metallic Ambient Loop

Mockup with samples and manipulated found sounds.

A video game loop to provide atmosphere while exploring a metallic, futuristic, or machine heavy environment.

Adventure Combat Loop

Mockup with samples.

A high-intensity version of a combat loop written with a fantasy/adventure video game in mind, able to pair and cross-fade with one or more versions of the same loop at a lower intensity level.

A Picnic Interrupted

Recorded live with a string quintet.

A family enjoying a picnic by a lake has their day altered when a mysterious force draws them to an ominous cave.

Soldiers Returning Home

Recorded live with a brass quintet.

Two soldiers meet in central park and share a moment of reflection together.

Winter Becoming Spring

Recorded live with a woodwind quintet.

A bleak winter brings death to a family, but the return of spring offers the chance for healing and new life.